Useful Bikini Hacks: How To Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms?

Useful Bikini Hacks: How To Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms?

Let’s not talk about how bad a saggy swimsuit will look. Just the uncomfortable and uneasy feeling when wearing it can make you feel embarrassed about your figure.

Luckily for us (and our dignity), there is always a solution on how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms if you don’t make it in time to buy another bikini set.

All you need to do is lay back and relax while enjoying yourself at the beach rather than having all the anxiety about your bath suits. If you feel exactly like that, then let’s fix this problem together!

How to Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms? (Top 5 Most Useful Solutions)

1. Elastic band

You can quickly and easily fix your loose swimwear bottoms with a rubber band.

Make a lining for inserting an elastic band along your suit bottoms’ waistband. Make sure that the elastic band is slightly shorter than your waistline to make a fit, but not too short, or else your bottoms will be tight and make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Using matching straps

Another way to solve a loose bikini bottom? Use a couple of matching straps to tighten your saggy bottom by attaching them on both sides of the brief!

Above all, this will transform your messy briefs into a fit and fashionable outfit that stays put – making it an elegant and stylish solution for the problem.

3. Resize the bikini

If you want to resize a bathing suit, cut out a little part of the bottom and sew the remains back together. Before doing this, make sure you have the proper tailoring skills unless you discard the whole swimwear.

To successfully resize your briefs, always remember to take all the necessary measurements, including measuring yourself. For later expansion, don’t forget to leave a few centimeters so that it’s comfortable for you to wear even on hot or sunny days.

How about scrunching it up to make your bikini bottoms become ruffle vertically instead? It is one of the ways to make your swimwear bottoms smaller and a good idea if you’re not so confident in your sewing skill!

4. Using drawstrings 

Suppose you don’t have any elastic bands. In that case, you can replace them with drawstrings with the same method: insert the drawstring into the previously created lining, and then feel free to tie the bikini bottom to fit perfectly on your body.

Add a safety pin to the end of either one or both strings for extra adjustability. This solution is sure to work for you!

5. Fold over then sew the waistband

Finding the easiest way? Then here it is! Fixing every saggy bath suit bottoms just by one step: folding the waistband then sewing it in.

This technique is common in bikini bottom hacks. It can prevent your waistband from unraveling or pulling apart. Just remember to sew it at a low-stress level.

It’s an especially great way for you if you gain weight shortly.

You Are Likely To Make These Swimsuit Mistakes

Buying One Swimsuit for All Purposes

So what does “purposes” mean? Well, everything related to water activities, such as sunbathing, surfing, swimming and more. You should find a suit that is best suitable for the activity you are preparing to do.

To be more precise, you don’t want to do something like diving or swimming if you’re going to wear a swimsuit that’s easy to come off. Sporty-style bathsuits are more likely to get you steady and stable while doing sport.

Choosing An Old Swimwear To Go Out

If your favorite bikini bottoms are no longer in good condition, then it’s time to get rid of them, no matter how appealing or how unique they are. You might know that they can stretch out eventually by multiple times using and washing.

If you find your bathing suit too cute to give up, but it’s already old and worn out, then it’s time to say goodbye. Keep wearing it just make your bottom part look more and more clumsy.

Buying Swimsuit Bottoms That Are Bigger Than Your Size

Many people tend to choose a larger swimwear size for comfort or in case they will gain weight in the future. However, that sometimes becomes a severe mistake.

Not only do you risk looking saggy, but also you expose yourself to other risks. For example, you have to be careful when stepping out of the swimming pool, because that outcome may be very embarrassing.

The Top Is Too Loose For Your Size

If you have a larger bust size, you will definitely need this tip! Women who want to feel confident in their swimsuits should choose those which have bands and straps. Straps on swimsuits should be wide, while bands are supportive that hold up and keep your chest comfy.

Choosing The Wrong Bikini Style

Two-piece swimsuits may not look good on everyone but if that’s what you adore, who cares about what others think?

If you are not confident, then go for the high-waisted style bikini. This style can easily cover blemishes and also gives off the perfect vintage vibe for every lady.

Undermining the Style of One-Piece Swimsuits

Saying all one-piece bath suits are outdated is a misconception though they can sometimes look like a relic of the past. There are a lot of sportswear shops that make fashionable and up-to-date one-piece swimsuits these days.

Getting Only One-Size Bikini

Women typically take their top and bottom size the same, while the two should generally be quite different in reality. Different shaped body types require different cuts to fit properly.

There’s no accurate rule about how you need to follow to have a matching bikini set. Mix and match whatever-you-like styles, colors and brands to find the perfect bikini sets for you.


It’s important for us not just this time of year but always, saggy swimwear bottoms: stay away from them! Don’t choose clothes that don’t fit just because you prioritize comfort.

Yet, with these useful hacks on how to fix saggy swimsuit bottoms, you don’t need to worry anymore. Next time when you go out on vacation, all eyes will be on YOU instead of those little saggy briefs!

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