How Should A Bra Fit – A Complete Guide

How Should A Bra Fit – A Complete Guide

Shopping for a new bra is something that any woman would need to do regularly throughout her life. However, not many know that a bra needs to fit on their bodies in a particular way to ensure utmost comfort. How should a bra fit?

We have prepared this article to answer the question. We hope that you can save a lot of time and effort by reading through it.

How Should A Bra Fit – Some Common Problems

Below are some of the most common causes of bra fitting incorrectly. If you can take care of them, your bra should be able to fit properly again. For those in a hurry, take a look at this video:


What we call the gore is a bra area in which the two underwires join together. Even if you make no mistake while putting a bra on, there is still a high chance that it won’t lay flat to separate your boobs naturally. In other words, the bra won’t fit, and you will feel very uncomfortable.

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You will understand the root of this discomfort by looking at the front underwires. All those metal parts are poking at the breast skin.

The only way to fix this issue is to up one or two extra cup sizes. Doing so allows the gore to become flat on the skin, and the bra can do its job.

Top Cup

This issue is only a hassle for people with smaller cup sizes. After all, it’s only present when you have too small of a cup that the breast doesn’t have enough space.

As a result, you will see your breasts pushed out of the bra while it makes an indent into the breast’s top area. This leads to a bra line defined clearly under the clothes.

You can fix this problem by increasing the bra’s cup size until you can’t see any double boobs.

Bottom Cup

A combination of the gore not laying flat between the breasts and the top having double boobs leads to a new problem. If you try to lift up your arms while in this state, you will see some boobage escaping from the bra’s bottom part.

The ideal situation for this part is to line up flatly with the skin, so this issue means that your bra has a smaller cup size than necessary. There needs to be some space separating the breast tissue and the underwires. This ensures that the cup can encase the whole breast, preventing it from falling out of the bottom.

Sometimes, it’s caused by a simple mistake, so our tip is to first use your hand and reposition the breast with a correct alignment to the cup. You may even need to scoop the cups and then give the breasts a little shake to ease them into the bra. This is especially vital if you just finished scooping.

If that small trick doesn’t work, the only solution is to improve the cup size again to cut off this problem at the source. Keep increasing until you are absolutely sure that your bra’s bottom parts are lining at a correct angle against the skin. You can also test it by checking whether there is a space about one finger wide between the underwire and your breast.


Not many women know about this, but quite a lot of breast tissues are present near their armpit area. That is why a big portion of your side breast doesn’t receive proper cover from your bra. This leads to them appearing as though they are hanging out on your sides.

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A direct result is the bra’s underwires directly contacting the top parts of the breast, making it very uncomfortable.

The easiest way to check for this issue is to swing your arms in a back and forth motion a few times while putting the bra on. You encounter such a problem if you get chafing around your armpit.

Our only recommendation is to cut the cup size down a notch. Doing so ensures that both of your breasts’ sides get enough coverage.


Many women report that their bras’ band rides high on their back after wearing. This phenomenon signifies that the band lacks enough support, as they are too big. It is quite a huge issue, as the band is responsible for 95% of a bra’s supporting force.

To be more specific, you can imagine a bra as teeter-totters that are present in every playground. The band’s position will always be the opposite of your breast’s position. When it goes higher, your breast will go lower in the front.

Considering this, the perfect position for the band should be in the lower to middle range in your back. This position means that your breasts’ pressure will land mostly on your back. After a while, it lends less neck and shoulder pain for you in return.

That is why you need the band to be one or two sizes smaller so that it can fit lower. You should also check whether the band can attain this performance with its loosest hook set. Only then can you be sure that it can give your back a snug fit.


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The first rule of bra-making is that the strap’s width must always be proportional to the band size. In other words, larger women need a bigger band size, so the bra’s strap must also be wide to take on the pressure without any damage and vice versa.

A quick way to check if the strap is fitting correctly is to slide underneath it with two fingers. If your fingers cannot move around with ease, then the strap does not have the correct width. The straps are not your main support, so don’t think they need more strength than necessary.

You don’t need to pay too much attention to straps to fix this issue. Do the same as the band problem and decrease the band size.


How should a bra fit? With this article, we have answered the question by providing some common problems and ways to solve them. If you follow our instructions to a tee, you will find that bra fitting is no longer a challenge.

We are always open to inquiries for people who still have issues; you just need to leave a comment.

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