About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Tees For Change is to inspire you to live life with passion, purpose and positivity, while doing good for the planet. We use eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and organic cotton and our goal is to bring about change – on an individual, community and global level.

Our Story

Andreea Ayers founded Tees For Change in Boulder, CO in Spring 2007 while she was pregnant with her first son, Nathan. Upon deciding to have a home birth with a midwife, some friends, family members and even strangers expressed concern and fear about her choice of a natural pregnancy. This often translated into negative, fearful and generally pessimistic comments and advice. People often asked “what if something goes wrong?” to which Andreea’s response became “what if everything goes right?”

About four months into her pregnancy, Andreea got the idea for Tees For Change while in a prenatal yoga class. She felt centered, strong and positive while doing yoga and she imagined the words “be courageous” on a t-shirt. Tees For Change was born out of her desire to combine her passion for eco-friendly living and deep belief in a positive outlook on life with her professional experience in marketing.

Our Tees

All our tees are fair trade and made under sweatshop-free conditions from 100% organic cotton or 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton. The cotton is cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which is good for the environment and for the workers who grow and manufacture the shirts. Naturally sustainable bamboo is fast-growing and, because of its natural antibacterial properties, it needs no pesticides and is 100% biodegradeable.

Our Contribution

Because of our dedication to the environment, we’ve partnered with American Forests’ Global Releaf to plant a tree for every shirt you purchase at retail price. By the end of 2006, American Forests has planted 25 million trees in more than 500 projects across the United States and internationally.

Below is a list of other organizations we’ve partnered with in the past:

* Global Mala
* New Orleans Green Project
* Hamptons Film Festival
* American Cancer Society Relay for Life
* Race Against Global Warming