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Interview with David Glasser of First Juice
Posted on December 22nd, 2008 by tees blog
First Juice1. What is First Juice and when did you start the company?
First Juice is a blend of organic fruits and vegetables with 50% less sugar than traditional juice offerings, and an intentionally less sweet taste. First Juice allows children to develop more healthful taste preferences, and is very convenient for parents. I got the idea for First Juice in 2005.

2. What inspired you to start your business?
My daughters inspired me. Children deserve the best that we can do for them, and I did not think that what was available for parents to buy for their kids was “the best we could do.” My background is in the beverage business and I thought I could improve the juice and improve the packaging.

3. What makes your product different?
First Juice is different than ALL other juices on the market in many ways.
• We are the ONLY children’s juice company that makes juice specifically designed to NOT taste sweet.
• No one else combines everything we’ve brought together in one, ideal brand for parents
o Organic
o BPA Free, Phthalate Free plastic that can be washed and reused
o And then they can buy a less expensive refill bottle, or use a fresh sippy top bottle when their busy life demands it.
o We are the only juice company that cares about the habits we are teaching your child—we care about them AFTER they are not our customer anymore. Because we are parents ourselves, and we “get it.”
• Judging by the awards we’ve won in a very short time (Supermarket guru Phil Lempert called us a HIT and a RISING STAR, CS News Best New Product of 2008, World Beverage Competition Best Packaging award out of 10,000 entries from 25 countries, 2nd best Juice at World Competition) I think others agree.

4. What resources have you found most helpful in running your business?
Passion. We have had suppliers turn themselves inside out for us, because they sense our passion, they see that we are doing something sincerely and genuinely great for children, and they want to be a part of it. They want to work on something meaningful, and to be a part of our passion, and try to do something that’s never been done.

One of our investors said, “First Juice isn’t a company with a mission…. It’s a mission, with a company.”

5. What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?
Surround yourself with people who believe you CAN. And, as my Dad said, “If two people always agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary!” Encourage healthy debate and make sure your team feels free to express their true opinions to you. You do not need YES people.

6. What is your biggest success as an entrepreneur?
That I get to wake up every day and do something I love. It’s not “work”.

7. What’s next for First Juice?
Purple Carrot! We are innovating for children in a way NO ONE does! And we are marketing to parents in a way no one does. Who else is helping parents expand their children’s taste experiences like we are? We want to BREAK sugar’s hold on our kids.

8. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
For other entrepreneurs I will add something that I know is true. These are not my original words. I heard them, and I believe, and I am proof:
If you throw yourself at something with all you’ve got—doors will open for you that wouldn’t otherwise.