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Total Health Transformation – Book Review
Posted on February 9th, 2009 by tees blog
There is no shortage of self-improvement books. And no shortage of philosophies and methodologies intended to bring about positive personal change. But if you’re like me, you need a plan – not platitudes.

That’s why Total Health Transformation: Ten Steps to a Better You hit me so hard!

Yes, it offers lots of hope and “you-can-do-it” attitude, but more to the point, it gives you concrete steps that you can take one at a time, and build on your success as you go along. It’s a pragmatic approach to something as revolutionary as changing the direction of your life by 180 degrees!

In ten concise chapters, personal trainer and motivational coach Tony Indomenico offers you his insights and strategies that he uses everyday with his many clients. I had to smile when I recognized many of my own excuses or “blocking” behaviors. But better yet, I gained the tools I needed to overcome these roadblocks.

I truly felt like a trainer was with me throughout my own transformative journey, and remains with me today as I’ve now entered a “maintenance” phase, where I’m striving to maintain all my gains. I continue to refer to the book months after I’ve started it, for the quick reminder or inspiration.

Total Health Transformation: Ten Steps to a Better You helped me to lock on to my goals, and provided the tools to achieve them. And indeed, my own journey has been slow and steady; literally step-by-step. This was indeed the book for me, or anyone who wants to change but isn’t quite sure where to find that extra push!

I think what really made me resonate with this book is that Tony is actively coaching people everyday, and brings his real-world experience to the reader. He’s also trained with Dr. Deepak Chopra so there’s a wonderful sense of the whole person being addressed here. Tony isn’t just talking Glutes and Abs – he’s talking about your inner being, your soul, your spirit. I appreciated that this wasn’t just a fitness book, but addressed the spiritual dimensions too.

If you’re considering making that big personal change, Total Health Transformation: Ten Steps to a Better You is the one book to bring along on that journey! Good luck!